About Oosterman Legacy Trust –

In 1959, my Dad, Thomas H. Oosterman and his cousin George purchased two apartment buildings; Plummer and Overlook. At the time the intention was to produce an income and have a comfortable retirement and something to leave to the kids. The Plummer building was 14 units with 16 garages. Soon after the cousins split. This was 1965. George got Overlook and Tom got Plummer. Tom took two of the larger units and split them. This brought the total to 16 units. Unfortunately, Tom passed away in 1969. The property was taken over by his wife. In 1975 she sold it to her oldest son, my brother, and his wife. He was able to add 2 additional units where there was room in the basement. Now there was 18 units. In 1991, they filed for divorce and the property was remortgaged. In 1992 the property was foreclosed on. Other family members offered to help and/or purchase the property but these offers were turned down. The building was sold at auction.

Since then, I have wanted to rebuild the dream. We will be starting starting small and building from there.

On January 1st, 2017 Oosterman Legacy Trust was formed in the same spirit as my Dad’s original dream, and invest in income real estate and provide a steady and reliable business for the beneficiaries.

– Jeff Oosterman

Trustees –

Jeff Oosterman

Heather Oosterman